ArpieL (the Game) is a Cute Anime MMORPG that includes Diablo-style gameplay where you can engage in dungeons, crafting, and socializing.
In the lore, ArpieL is a special school that you're attending to, specifically for explorers, in order to resolve conflicts and perform research on the events from the tragic accident.

Mininum Requirements
OS : Windows 7
GPU: Geforce 8 or Higher
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo or Higher
DirectX9 Support

Recommened Requirements
OS: Windows 10
GPU : GTS 250 or Higher
CPU : Intel Core i3 or Higher
DirectX9 Support (WineD3D or DXVK Supported)

The token shop currently has cosmetic and convenience items, there are no powerups or skips in the cash shop.

To Start, download the Octo Games Launcher here, and if you haven't already create an account here!

2nd Password Reset will be a Feature in the future. For now please try to not forget or write down your 2nd Password.

Please provide the error code (if available) to our support staff at Discord or open a ticket.

Ensure that dinput8.dll exists in the game's directory folder. If it doesn't run the Octo Games Launcher for it to be redownloaded. Ensure that your antivirus is not preventing the game nor the dll module from being executed. Whitelist the game's directory folder if possible.